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Name in Thai : อาจารย์ ดร.บรรพจณ์ โนแบ้ว

Name in English : Aj.Dr.Banphot Nobaew

Position : Lecturer

Tel : 053-91-7199

Room : 316

E-mail :

Facebook : 

ประวัติ :

Brief Biographical History:

Bachelor of Science, Chiangmai University
Bachelor of Mass-communication, Ramkhamhaeng University
Media Arts and Design, Chiang Mai University
PhD., Human Centered Communication and Informatics, HCCI, Aalborg University

Areas of Interest:

1. Game-based Learning
2. Digital Narratives: Theory and Practices
3. Digital Interactivity Media
4. Visual Semiotics and Visual Perception
5. Web Design and Technology
6. Digital Experiences: Digital Films
7. Animation, Simulation, and Multimedia


List of publications:


Nobaew, B. (2016). Learning Process and Knowledge Management in Local Lanna Communities through Electronic Media. Silpakorn University Journal of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts, 16(3), 133-156.


Nobaew, B. (2010). Three-Dimensional Landslide Model for Predicting Affected Area with Particle Flow Simulation. Journal of Information Science and Technology, 1(2), 11-16.


Article Reviewed:

Nobaew, B. (2015). A Review of Assessments for Digital Game-Based Learning. ECTI E-Magazine, April – June, 9(2), 27–34.

International Conferences:


B. Nobaew, “Media skill classification for multimedia digital workforce using decision tree,” 2018 International Conference on Digital Arts, Media and Technology (ICDAMT), Phayao, Thailand, 2018, pp. 291-296.


B. Nobaew, “The strategies of implementing role-play within problem based learning approach to improve learning efficiency in higher education,” 2015 Association of Southeast Asia Institutions of Higher Learning (ASAIHL) Conference, Siem Reap, Cambodia, 2017, pp. 82-89.


K. Chanakan, N. Banphot, O. Kanthika , and S. Thaweep. A Web-based User-Oriented Decision Support System for Accommodation Selection in Academic Area. The 2017 International Conference on Embedded Systems and Intelligent Technology (ICESIT 2017), pp. 176-179. 2-4 August 2017, Bangkok, Thailand.


N. Banphot and I. Weeranut. Empowerment of Autistic Children in Learning of Life Skills and Society Adaptation through Digital Interactive Online Media. Global Wireless Summit -2016, pp. 237-241. 27-30 November 2016, Aarhus, Denmark.


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Piyawat, S., Nobeaw, B., & Chaisricharoen, R. (2014). The comparative study of the sound quality in movies by using ambient sound properties: Case Study of 4 Movies in Difference Region. In Information and Communication Technology, Electronic and Electrical Engineering (JICTEE), 2014 4th Joint International Conference on (pp. 203–208). IEEE.


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Interactive Narrator in Ludic Space: A Dynamic Story Plot underneath the Framework of MMORPGs Storytelling System. / Nobaew, Banphot; Ryberg, Thomas. Proceedings of the 6th European Conference on Games Based Learning ECGBL2012. ed. / Patrick Felicia. Ireland: Academic Publishing International, 2012. p. 600-608.


Gamescape Principles: Basic Approaches for Studying Visual Grammar and Game Literacy. / Nobaew, Banphot; Ryberg, Thomas. Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Computers in Education ICCE 2011. ed. / Tsukasa HIRASHIMA; Gautum BISWAS; Thepchai SUPNITHI; Fu-Yun YU. National Electronics and Computer Technology Center, 2011. p. 483-487.


N. Banphot and R. Worasak. Virtual Reality in 3D-Modeling of Landslide for Alerting in Chiang Rai Area. The 1st Joint International Conference on Information Communication Technology (JICT 2007), 19-22 December 2007, Vientiane Lao PDR.” pp. 1-6.


N. Banphot and R. Worasak. Virtual Reality Modeling of Landslide for Alerting in Chiang Rai Area. The International Conference on Natural Disasters: Challenges for Better Forecasting and Hazard Assessment, September 20 -22, 2007, Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai, Thailand. pp. 170-176.

National Conferences:
B. Nobaew, “Three-Dimensional Landslide Model For Predicting Affected Area With Particle Flow Simulation,” 3rd National Conference on Information Technology 2010 (NCIT 2010), pp. 184-187. 28-29 October 2010, Bangkok, Thailand.


Nobeaw, B., Wichanopakhun, S., Panupoln, M., Atit, S., Sorawit, P., & Ritwisut, T. Art and culture documentary: on the role of new digital media in cultural identity conservation. Silpakorn University Research Fair 4, pp. 89-95. 19-21 January 2011, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand.

1. Yonok Naga Phan ( Ref:

2. The Legend of Chiang Saen( Ref:



Post Author: Aj.Dr.Banphot Nobaew